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Double D's Cheesecake
18-200 Meadowood Winnipeg
204.257.6502 ~ Fax: 204.253.2710

Open 7 days a week to serve you
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  Locally owned and operated by two sisters, Darlene Landino and Dale Chenier, Double D's Cheesecake has over 25 different flavours of cheesecake to choose from.

  Since 1998, they have been supplying Winnipeg with light and creamy cheesecakes. Pick one up today and you'll see why they are fast becoming a "Tradition" in many Winnipeg families.

  Double D's Cheesecake is owned and operated by two sisters, Darlene Landino and Dale Chenier. Founded in 1998, they have been supplying Winnipeg with delicious, home style cheesecakes and great-personalized service.

  Double D's Cheesecake is a true family business. Working with Darlene and Dale are Darlene's daughters Gina & Selina, Mom helps in the kitchen and Dad does the wholesale deliveries. Even the husbands help during the busy seasons. Dale's husband Don has retired and now helps the sisters at the store. 

  Darlene used to make a cheesecake at a restaurant she owned in Portage La Prairie. It  was on old family recipe that she doctored up a bit. She entered it in a dessert contest at the Portage La Prairie Strawberry Festival. The cheesecake won first place for taste and her restaurant soon became "The" place to go for cheesecake.

  The restaurant was sold and Darlene moved back home to Winnipeg. She was then a single mom, and had to find a job. All she knew was the restaurant business (she was in it since she was 16), and wasn't prepared to put in the long hours. That is when she decided to sell her cheesecake to restaurants here in Winnipeg. Darlene asked her sister Dale to join her and Double D's Cheesecake was born.

  They worked out of a pizza restaurant, which didn't open till 4:00, using the kitchen in the morning and early afternoon. Starting with one recipe and no customers, they began making calls to chefs, managers and restaurant owners across the city. Now there are over 40 of Winnipeg's finest restaurants and Golf Courses serving Double D's Cheesecakes in their dining rooms. Many of them use the cheesecakes for banquets and weddings.

  In July of 2001, they opened their own retail store and baking location at 468-B St. Anne's Road. That was the first time their product was available to the public. The day they opened their doors, their sales tripled, and it has been growing ever since.

  After 5 1/2 years, they out grew their St. Anneís Rd. location and moved once more. In November of 2006, they opened Double Dís Cheesecake & Coffee House on Meadowood in St. Vital. Equipped with a larger production facility, they added an 18 seat coffee house. Now you can sit and relax in their cozy shop, with a Mini cheesecake and a Latte or Cappuccino.

  Everything at Double Dís is made from scratch, from their cheesecake, to their caramel cinnamon buns, muffins, cookies and coffee cake. All of their coffee is locally roasted, and their espresso is ground fresh. Even their Fruit and YogurtDDcoffee_shop3.jpg (29963 bytes) smoothies are made with real fruit, yogurt and apple juice. Their coffee shop is a great place to meet friends, relax after a busy day shopping at the mall, or enjoy dessert after dinner or a movie.

   They are committed to supplying Winnipeg with light and creamy cheesecakes for many years to come. Fast becoming a new Winnipeg tradition, Double D's Cheesecake is happy to be a part of so many family celebrations. From their family to yours, remember "Life is uncertain, eat dessert first"!

Cheesecake in a Cone!

  What a concept! Imagine Double D's light and creamy cheesecake served in a Cone! Can it be done? Well, it can and it has! If you are one of the many customers who can't wait for the cheesecake to thaw and love eating it frozen, you are going to love this product. It was actually Darlene and Dale's father who suggested this one. He eats the cake frozen, and when they opened up their shop on St. Anne's Rd, he said, "You girls should serve this in a cone!" and so they did.

  They take their cheesecake batter and instead of pouring it into pans, they pour it into big ice cream pails and freeze it. It is then scooped and served up in a waffle cone. There you have it, pure "Cheesecake in a Cone", and only available at Double D's Cheesecake.

  It is served from early spring, (April) until the fall (late September). Eight different flavors are available that change and rotate throughout the season. 

  So, the next time you want to go out for a treat, don't wait in line at the ice cream parlors, come down to Double D's Cheesecake, the quaint little shop with a summer taste sensation that is sure to please.

Our 'NEW' Coffeehouse

  Double D's Cheesecake has moved. We are now located at 18-200 Meadowood Drive in St. Vital. We are behind the St. Vital Shopping Centre, beside Buckaroos and Big Guys Restaurant. Our new name is Double D's Cheesecake and Coffee House.

  If you are looking for a place to go after dinner or a movie, or want a nice place to visit with an old friend. You will find our new house an ideal place for doing just that. The coffee house is warm and inviting, with comfortable seating for 18 people. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee or an espresso, cappuccino or Latte. Not a coffee drinker? We have great hot chocolate made with steamed milk and chocolate syrup, or a Chai Latte may be just the thing to warm you up. We are serving our new Minis in the coffee house, complete with your choice of topping. 

  For the morning crowd, we have a nice selection of in-house baked muffins, (Carrot, Raisin Bran, Apple Spice and Low Sugar Carrot), loaves, (Banana Bread, Lemon Poppy seed) and cookies (White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Peanut Butter Chip, Chocolate Chip and Spicy Oatmeal Raisin).

Weddings, Banquets and Food Service

 Double D's Cheesecakes are so light and creamy, they compliment any meal. They are satisfying, not filling. We call them "The Grand Finale to a Complete Dining Experience"!

  Our Cheesecakes come conveniently frozen and pre-cut into 14 slices. You just plate and serve, they are ready in minutes. For banquets, you could pre-plate a few hours ahead and place in a walk-in cooler.

  If you are interested in serving our Cheesecakes at your wedding or next function, please give us a call for details on our special pricing for large orders, or see Contact Us to e-mail.

  We also supply our Cheesecakes to many restaurants, hotels, and golf courses in and around Winnipeg. If you would like more information on having our product in your establishment, you can contact Darlene by calling the store or see e-mail address under Contact Us. We would be more than happy to meet with you so we can introduce ourselves and our Cheesecake to you!