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Ellice Café & Theatre
587 Ellice Avenue Winnipeg


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Condolences to the Lehotsky family on the passing of
Rev. Harry Lehotsky

The World needs more of his kind! We will miss him. (read about...)

  The Ellice Café & Theatre opened in February of 2005 as a non-profit community development initiative of New Life Ministries.

  The goal is reasonable prices, quality meals and friendly staff - most of which live in theMacBuilding.jpg (74566 bytes) West End. The restaurant serves a broad spectrum of people. It has become a great place for "white collar", "blue collar", and "no collar" people to have an affordable, quality meal.

  Customers seat themselves, order and pay for their meal at the register, then have the meal ElliceCafeFront.jpg (80406 bytes) delivered to their table. The goal was to speed up service. Prices are in increments of 25 cents and the PST and GST are both included in the menu prices. "What you see is what you pay."

  Menu sales from the Ellice Café help us subsidize a low-income food service for some residents of the New Life Ministries transitional housing and emergency shelter. The café is also a natural venue for volunteering and job training.

  Since 1983, New Life Ministries has worked to support and encourage positive changes in the West End. The ministry is led by well-known ElliceCafeInterior.jpg (72195 bytes) community activist and Winnipeg Sun columnist, Rev. Harry Lehotsky.

  It's hard to comprehend the loneliness felt by people who are working hard to change their lives. Change in life often requires many changes in relationships and much time alone. The café serves some of that need. The café has no liquor license - at the request of community residents in recovery from addictions that wanted a "dry" place to relax and eat.
  The theatre space was renovated to create an accessible venue for affordable and positive leisure and entertainment. Since concessions are provided by the attached café, admission ElliceTheatre.jpg (51639 bytes) for the shows should be well within reach of local residents.

  Shows presently include movies (offered free to residents), dramas and concerts. We enjoy the talents of developing artists. With no government grants to renovate or operate the café and theatre, New Life Ministries depends solely on private donations for this unique initiative.

The Ellice Cafe & Theatre is a non-profit community economic development initiative
of New Life Ministries. Our goals include:

ˇSelf-sustaining, high quality Cafe & Theatre to assist New Life Ministries in providing community services.
ˇSkill development through volunteering, job training and employment.
ˇSubsidized low-income food service for residents of our transitional housing and others working hard to better their lives.
ˇShining example of the capacity and resilience of our historic West End community.

Any request for information or charitable contributions can be addressed to:

New Life Ministries
514 Maryland,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 1M5

(204) 775-4929

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