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Homer's Restaurant & Catering
520 Ellice Ave
Phone: 204.788.4858
Fax: 204.779.4628
Dine-In ~ Take-Out ~ Delivery ~ Catering

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About Homers

Homer's was established in 1979. Since then a lot has changed but not our passion for great food and good atmosphere. Some of the changes are the classic Greek decoration of the interior and our award winning patio. The restaurant has been rated many times as the Best Ethnic restaurant in Winnipeg. The world renowned Chicken Souvlaki that is now enjoyed all over North America, Australia and Europe was created here.

Our food is always fresh, tasty and unadulterated. We are keen on selecting the best products for our cooking. Some of those products are directly imported from Greece, while others are found in Canada. Check our latest news in the main page about current special findings. We are the first to serve flax bread since 1979, baked in our premises.

We offer daily lunch and dinner specials, remember to always ask for the specials. Opportunities will not likely be on the menu.

A Greek restaurant within your reach

As you enter Homer's Restaurant, you see friendly faces and cheerful people. One of them, the owner, GeorgeKatsabanis, tells you about his restaurant and what made him invest so much time in it, the food and the people. To be frank, he loves both, otherwise he would not be in this business. So many people come by, friends and lovers of good food alike, each bringing his own air to the hall.

Food, as George would say, is one of the most important things in life. Your nutrition is not something trivial, but something that determines your health and longevity or lack thereof. Most 'health' diets out there are plain, lacking taste and presentation, sometimes even missing essential nutrients. Homer's Restaurant skillfully achieves all three goals, taste, health and glorious presentation.

A combination of Greek traditional cuisine with modern touches would characterize most
of the dishes. Offering the healthy Mediterranean diet that has evolved through years of tradition, refined and balanced in modern cuisine. The products used in the creation of Homer's excellent food come from genuine sources. Those include local connections with northern fishermen and hunters, but also connections with producers in Greece.

Join Homer's Restaurant, for the atmosphere and the food. If you cannot, however, we will bring the food to your door, but not the atmosphere. Check the catering section of our website, and once you make up your mind, please use 788-4858 to order. Also, it is good to inquire before deciding to join us, especially for special occasions.

Catering - Make a healthy choice!

We make an effort to provide you with healthy choices, using pure wholesome and
complete range of ingredients. Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
from our own estate in Greece. First restaurant to have in-House baked
multi-grain flax bread in Winnipeg, 27 years ago.

We do not deep fry any ingredients or foods.
For more information regarding our cooking, check the About section.

  Choose a good meal for yourself, partners, family or friends. Below you will find the full available catering menu. Once you decide, please use the above phone number.

We will be at your door with delicious food before you know it!


Cooking with our own olive oil, imported from our estate in Greece is reality, enjoy extra flavor in a lot of our dishes.

We have fresh Arctic char in stock. Order some of this healthy specialty before it runs out.

Don't forget to ask for our fresh home-made yogurt with concord grapes seed topping from our own vines.

The Story of Homer

Homer was a legendary early Greek poet and rhapsode traditionally credited with authorship of the major Greek epics Iliad and Odyssey, the comic mini-epic Batrachomyomachia ("The Frog-Mouse War"), the corpus of Homeric Hymns, and various other lost or fragmentary works such as Margites.

A few ancient authors credited him with the entire Epic Cycle, which included further poems on the Trojan War as well as the Theban poems about Oedipus and his sons.

Tradition held that Homer was blind, and various Ionian cities are claimed to be his birthplace, but otherwise his biography is a blank slate. There is considerable scholarly debate about whether or not Homer was actually a real person, or the name given to one or more oral poets who sang traditional epic material.

It has repeatedly been questioned whether the same poet was responsible for both the Iliad and the Odyssey; the Batrachomyomachia, Homeric hymns and cyclic poems are generally agreed to be later than these two epic poems.