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Ira's Deli Catering
111 Lombard Ave. Winnipeg
Ph: (204) 949-1116 or 223-4340
Fax: (204) 480-

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Ira's Deli Catering
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Ira's Deli

Menu #1 ~ All Inclusive
Minimum 30 people

Fancy Sandwiches &
Deli Sandwiches
Our fabulous cocktail sandwiches, include a delicious assortment of pinwheel, double decker, and deli style sandwiches, with a wide variety of tasty fillings. Served with assorted pickles and olives.

Deluxe Cheese &
Cracker Platter
An appetizing selection of European and domestic cheeses including a herbed cream cheese ball, and a tasty variety of crackers.

Fresh Fruit Platter
A delicious selection of fresh seasonal fruit, artistically arranged and garnished.

Garden Fresh
Veggie & Dip Platter
A wonderful variety of crunchy fresh vegetables served with our homemade dill dip.

Dainty & Dessert Tray
Scrumptious delights from our restaurant, including cheesecakes, brownies, dessert squares and more.

Menu #2
Minimum 50 people

Menu #3
Minimum 50 people

Deli & Fancy Sandwiches
Served with assorted pickles and olives.

Deluxe Cheese and Cracker Platter

Dainty & Dessert Tray

Deli & Fancy Sandwiches
Served with assorted pickles and olives

Dainty & Dessert Tray

Optional Add Ons:

Coffee Tea and Juice

Spinach Dip:
Homemade Spinach Dip in a Pumpernickel bread bowl. Served with cubed deli breads.

Baguette & Lox Tray:
Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon, Capers, and Red Onion on sliced Baguettes.
Also includes cream cheese, tomato and cucumber on sliced baguettes.
Minimum order for 25 people

Memorial Catering Menus

We specialize in Memorial Catering with Exceptional Quality Food, Distinctive Presentation and Superior Caring Service.

*All disposable plates, cutlery , napkins, etc. provided at no extra charge
*Full service serving personnel can be supplied for an extra fee

Please feel free to contact our Catering Manager, Ira Brick to answer any questions or concerns that you may have

Ira Brick - Catering Manager
Phone: 204.949.1116 Cell: 204.223.4340

Office/Party/Special Occasion Catering Services

Deli Platters ~ Fruit Trays ~ Cheese & Cracker Trays

  Deli Sandwich Trays - A delicious assortment or 1/4 pound deli sandwiches on a variety of breads and bagels - per person $6.75
  Deli Wrap Platter - Enjoy a mouth watering selection or delicious wraps with a variety of fillings and meats - per person $8.99
  Cocktail Sandwiches - A tasty array of triple-decker and fancy sandwiches - per dozen
(6 dozen minimum)
  Bagel Nibblers - A mouth-watering assortment of open faced mini bagels topped with all of our delicious deli toppings & meats. - (per dozen - 2 dozen minimum) $17.99
  Submarine Sandwich Tray - Simply the best! - Our superior quality ingredients and presentation make this one of our customer favourites. - per person $8.99
  Deli Meat Platters - A great selection of tasty deli meats attractively arranged, served with fresh rye bread, bagels, pickles and condiments - per person $6.79
  Garden Vegetable Platter (with dip)
Crunchy, colourful and fresh, served with a delicious dill dip, it goes great with our sandwiches
small (serves 10-15)
medium (serves 20-25)
large (serves 30-35)
  Fresh Fruit Platter
A delightful assortment of fresh seasonal fruit, artistically arranged for presentation
small (serves 10-15)
medium (serves 20-25)
large (serves 30-35)
  Fruit & Cheese Tray
A lovely selection of cheeses and seasonal fresh fruit, a great addition to any meeting
small (serves 10-15)
medium (serves 20-25)
large (serves 30-35)
  Cheese and Cracker Tray
An inviting assortment of tasty cheeses and crackers garnished with fresh fruit
small (serves 10-15)
medium (serves 20-25)
large (serves 30-35)
  Pickle and Cheese Platter
A variety of cheeses, sweet and dill pickles - a terrific compliment to our deli sandwich trays
small (serves 10-15)
medium (serves 20-25)
large (serves 30-35)
  Pickle and Olive Platter
An eye pleasing variety of olives and pickles to accompany any sandwich or meat tray
small (serves 10-15)
medium (serves 20-25)
large (serves 30-35)
  Dainty and Dessert Tray - The finishing touch! Satisfy any sweet tooth with this mouth-watering tray of Ira's home-baked desserts. Guaranteed to please - per person $2.49

Catering Packages
Sides - Salads - Sweets

On The Side

Salads - per person

Coleslaw $2.49
Pasta Salad $2.49
Potato salad $2.49
Whole Dill - each $1.69
Pickle Spear - each $0.45
Bulk potato chips - per bowl $7.95

Catering Packages - per person

Executive Package #1 - per person, minimum order for 10 people
Includes: Sandwich platter, (your choice of Coleslaw, Pasta Salad or Potato Salad) & Dessert.
Executive Package #2 - per person, minimum order for 10 people
Includes: Stuffed mini buns (2 per person), Salad (your choice of Caesar, Greek, Tossed or Mandarin Orange) and Dessert Trays. 24 hour notice required for Mini Buns
Executive Package #3  - per person, minimum order for 10 people
Includes: Sandwich Platter, Salad (your choice of Caesar, Greek, Cheese, Tossed or Mandarin Orange & Almond) & Platter (your choice of Vegetable Platter, Fruit Platter or Cheese/Cracker Platter)

Sweet Treats - per person

Dainty & Dessert Tray $2.49
Delicious Cheese Cakes (whole)
- variety of flavours
Cookie Trays $1.79
Our Famous Carrot Cake (whole) $59.99
Chocolate Cake (whole) $59.99

Prices subject to applicable taxes
Prices subject to change without notice

Caesar $3.79
Greek $3.79
Orange & Almond $3.79
Cheese $3.79
Tossed $3.79
Chef $4.99
Strawberry Poppyseed $3.99
Philly Caesar - Our regular Caesar salad smothered in mozzarella cheese $4.49
Mediterranean - Head lettuce, cukes, green pepper, tomato, salami, mozzarella cheese, red onions, kalamata, olives & our homemade dressing $4.99

Breakfast Meetings - per person

Deluxe Continental Tray - Includes our breakfast pastries, juices and a seasonal fresh fruit tray - per person $8.75
- with coffee $9.75
Continental Tray - A fresh-baked assortment of breakfast pastries, muffins, danish, croissants, etc - per person $2.99
Bagel & Cream Cheese Tray - Fresh bagels served with cream cheese, arranged attractively on a platter, garnished with sliced tomatoes & cucumbers or fresh fruit. $4.99
Bagel with Cream Cheese & Lox Tray - Fresh bagels with cream cheese & smoked Pacific salmon lox, garnished with capers & red onions. - per person $10.99
Fresh Fruit Platter - A delightful arrangement of fresh and seasonal fruit, artistically arranged
- small (serves 10-15) $43.99
- medium (serves 20-25) $59.99
- large (serves 30-35) $76.99
Coffee/Tea Service - per person $2.49
Juices - per person $1.99
Bottled Water - per person $1.99
Soft Drinks - per person $1.65

At Ira's Deli, our catering service is only half the story. Come and join is for relaxed dining in  our charming restaurant. Cozy atmosphere, friendly service and great food combine to make a memorable experience. We're located in the lower level of 111 Lombard Avenue, in a charming turn of the century building, in the heart of the Exchange District.

Arranging a business meeting or private function?
Tablecloths and Fabric Napkins Available for an Extra Fee.